Wife killed after updating facebook

Loved ones posted mournful messages on Facebook when the news broke Tuesday.

Many changed their profile pictures to a purple ribbon that reads “Love shouldn’t hurt” and “RIP Kristen.” “This beautiful soul was taken away from this earth far too soon leaving behind 2 beautiful little angels all because of one persons selfishness and inability to let her go and let her be happy.

An unnamed relative told police that she worried Mc Shane would kill his wife and himself, the newspaper reported.

When police arrived at the Mc Shanes’ house around 1 p.m.

Officers found his wife’s body in the couple’s bed under a comforter.

Family members started several Go Fund Me accounts to raise money for the funeral and to help provide for the couple’s two children, ages 4 and 6.

A 36-year-old Texas man has pleaded not guilty to battery charges after allegedly attacking his estranged wife for failing to "Like" a status update he posted to Facebook.

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According to the Sentinel, Mc Shane told police he updated her Facebook profile and messaged family and friends to try and convince them his wife was still alive.Angry that the post had elicited no response from his wife of 15 years, he confronted her after dropping off their children at her home in Carlsbad, New Mexico, on Tuesday."That's amazing everyone 'Likes' my status but you, you're my wife.But the friend added: 'Every marriage has its problems.'Mrs Barnes's mother Val Shimell, 68, who lives just a mile from their home, broke down in tears when asked about her daughter.Being comforted by Amy's sister, other family and a police liason officer, said: 'I'm sorry I just can't say anything'.

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