Sex chat with straight guys

Many guys started a conversation with the aforementioned "Sup? " I admit, I looked down on them, as one would on "mole people" or Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino.My deep misunderstanding of Chat was that it was meant to be witty, an actual conversation. Over the months, I learned the mysteries of this strange realm: its customs, its argot, and its social hierarchies.

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Some grinders were as genteel as the ladies at a book club; some wanted true love, others new friendship.Even in Chats, almost everyone eventually asked me if I was gay.I was honest, yet some men still treated me like a trespasser.One guy spent a pleasant half hour at a restaurant regaling me with stories—then, learning I wasn't gay, very politely stood, silently folded his cloth napkin, and exited the building.Another took the time to text just one remark: "My bf will beat the shit out of me if he knows I'm talking to you." Which I found refreshingly concise, if vaguely unnecessary.

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