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Small cameras aren’t good for rental businesses because almost everyone has them so na rubbish money people go dey offer you.

LENSES The importance of a good lens can’t be overemphasized.

In this post, we will ask some basic questions, Identify Three things commonly overlooked, review the three cameras and I will let you in on some secrets…including secrets and tricks I have used over the years.It’s always best to use a high quality cinema lens regardless of the camera you are using.NOTE: a cinema lens is different from a photo lens! While the 5Dmk3 tries a lot even with cheap photo lenses, The blackmagic and RED look really terrible with those type of lenses.You might also strictly be targeting a foreign audience via festivals etc.the way they respond to films will largely influence your choice. Lastly, if you are making sponsored documentaries or a corporate video, your client is the biggest factor.

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