Mandating organ donation

The first one is that Canadians are simply turned off by the idea.Ontario had a panel of experts look into ways to increase organ donation a few years ago, which found that neither the public, nor doctors, were comfortable with the idea.In the country's most populous province, Ontario, only about 20 per cent of citizens have joined the province's organ and tissue donor registry.But Versha Prakash, vice-president of operations for the Trillium Gift of Life Network, Ontario's central organ and tissue donation agency, says there are a lot of good reasons why our country doesn't have a presumed consent system.The other reason why Canada doesn't have a presumed consent system is that even in places that do have such systems, research has shown that their systems end up being not that much different from the way we do things here in Canada.Organs are not harvested any quicker, and doctors still need to get the approval of family members before organs can be transplanted.Because it's the surviving family that ultimately has the biggest say about whether organs are donated, organ donor groups always encourage prospective donor to talk to their families about what they would like to happen to them when they die, so that families can feel comfortable they're making the best decision for everyone.

No offense to those who work at the DMV, it's just not really their job to make explanations. Unlike other animals we have heightened intelligence. Likewise, mandating organ donation will increase the number of preventable deaths.I as person with a loss have only to gain from that..lose anything more. With dozens of Canadians dying every year while sitting on organ transplant wait lists, and so few signing up to be donors, some say the solution is to flip the system so that everyone is automatically considered a would-be donor unless they explicitly say they don't want to be.Our country would be a much better place if we didn't waste the perfectly useable organs of the deceased. How many people would you say are waiting for a new heart, lung, liver, etc? In stead, we should offer some kind of tax incentive for being a voluntary donor. There are too many people desperately in need of organs for us to just bury people with perfectly good organs when they weren't even opposed to donating them.your right there..theres some of that goes on full time around the world...has to be kept voluntary but we need more awareness..a win win as I view it...obviously not everyone else feels the same Losing a loved one is HORRIFIC especially suddenly and at a young if that HAD to happen to me with one of my own, I would be proud and happy to have a part of them save another young person and give them life....

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