Luann lesseps dating while married divorced parents start dating again

Viewers will remember Luann got quite upset last season when Carole started dating chef Adam Kenworthy, whom she met through Luann. “I mean, I apologized, she doesn’t want to accept it, and that’s not my problem,” Luann confesses. I’m not somebody who dwells on things, or carries grudges or hold things against people …

star and her businessman beau have called it quits and announced their divorce a mere seven months later.

During a girls’ weekend at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home, Frankel launched into a verbal tirade against her longtime frenemy, calling her a “slut, and liar and a hypocrite.” The drama came to a head on the August 17 episode of the hit franchise when Frankel tearfully told de Lesseps on camera that she had photographic evidence of the Class With the Countess author’s fiancé, Tom D’Agostino Jr., hooking up with another woman at a hotel bar.

The single mom of one claimed to only have de Lesseps’ best interests at heart by showing her the picture.

"As fans of the show are well aware, their tumultuous relationship did not get off on quite the right foot since they started dating in late 2015.

Having been previously involved with Luann's castmates Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer, D'Agostino was also caught making out with another woman the night before the couple's engagement party.

“We have our ups and downs, and what I like about Bethenny is that, she lays it all out on the table, whether it’s true or not.” “I think a lot of women cower around Bethenny because they’re, like, scared of her,” Luann shares. I mean, when Bethenny started the show, she had no money, no husband, no children, and I had it all.” Bethenny isn’t the only cast member Luann has drama with this season.

There’s also tension between her and Carole Radziwill.

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Bensimon added that her friend is getting through her divorce with the help of her girlfriends, and she knows that one day De Lesseps will marry an amazing man.

I’m not perfect, and I think I’ve been humble enough to admit over and over to the girls when I’m wrong.

When I was with Bethenny having drinks and discussing going to Mexico, she mentioned that Carole doesn’t want me to go on this trip.

"It's with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce," the mother of two announced on Twitter Thursday.

"We care for each other very much, hope you respect our privacy during this sad time!

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