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Impossible to argue with the claim of saadiq being the most underrated artist of his generation. A criminally under-rated artist and producer only now being appreciated by the masses. I'm so glad to see him get the recognition he deserved. Let's not forget he produced one of Joss Stone's biggest albums to date too! It shines through in his work and in the way he carries himself.

This article should go some way to informing others of his creative genius. I always know when a song comes on that I love, and know he produced it. Much respect to him, his music, and the legacy he willl leave behind. He is dropping so much humble knowledge in this piece! He's a genius -- a true artist -- and I can NOT wait for the new album.

Britney Spears won a Grammy before Steely Dan, that’s crazy!

True to form, he replies: “I’ve been fortunate to work with both a Mick Jagger and a Kendrick Lamar, I’ve seen all sides.

In terms of legacies, I just want people to look at the way I put music together and say he was a bad, bad man.

Elton reminds me of someone who plays in a black Baptist church as he really knows what a big song is.

His work ethic is [that of] an athlete, he goes and hugs all of us musicians in the studio then walks to the piano and bangs a song out.” Yet despite having worked extensively with everybody from Jay-Z to Ron Isley and Stevie Wonder, it is Amy Winehouse who impressed Saadiq the most.

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