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Then: On ' Laguna Beach,' Lauren ' Lo' Bosworth was LC's wide-eyed sidekick, and continued her role as Lauren's bestie (and eventual roomie) straight through ' The Hills,' where she became a main cast member during its final season.Now: Since her turn on reality TV, Lo was a creator and executive producer of ' I'm Positive,' a documentary about the lives of young people living with HIV.

The juicy series was filled to the brim with California tans, beachside gossip and, of course, plenty of delicious drama.Then: Dieter dated Jessica Smith pre-Jason Wahler, and graciously stood up for BFF Lauren Conrad after her then-boyfriend JWahl kissed Jessica right in front of her. Now: Dieter has worked his way up in the hotel industry, currently serving as Hotel Manager at Lakehouse Hotel and Resort in San Diego.He also still keeps in touch with his ' Laguna' friends, including LC, Stephen and Trey. Then: Jessica Smith is best remembered as Kristin Cavallari's brunette BFF who was so hung up on Jason Wahler that she continually went back to him despite the fact that he was constantly cheating on her and stringing her along.She also runs her own exercise blog, Beach Babe Fitness.Then: Brunette Morgan was ' Laguna's' religious "good girl" who was open about her virginity and her devastation about not getting into Brigham Young University at the end of Season 1.

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